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Empower With Every Thread - This March, Celebrate Women’s Day Sustainability

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As International Women's Day rolls around, it’s essential to consider how we can celebrate with purpose and mindfulness, especially with regard to sustainability. This March, let’s incorporate sustainability into our International Women’s Day celebrations! 

Let’s dive into why we should celebrate sustainability on International Women's Day and how women shape the sustainability movement.

Understanding the Connection Between Women and Sustainability

The intersection of women and sustainability is profound and multifaceted. Across the globe, countless women are deeply entrenched in agriculture and natural resource management. As food providers and custodians of nature, their daily choices and actions directly impact the health and sustainability of their families and communities. 

This crucial role of women in preserving and fostering sustainability is a testament to the potency of their contribution. Ultimately, the power of women extends far beyond societal roles – it is deeply embedded in our natural world. Thus, ensuring gender equality becomes not just a social necessity but a vital step towards achieving sustainability. 

By understanding and recognizing this intrinsic connection between women and sustainability, we can create meaningful change towards a greener, more balanced world.

The Role of Women In Shaping Sustainable Living 

Women are at the forefront of the sustainability dialogue, driving innovative efforts, championing policy changes, and confronting unsustainable practices. They are carving a niche for themselves in the green economy, spearheading businesses that strike a balance between environmental stewardship and economic prosperity. 

Notably, many women-headed ventures are leading the charge in sustainable business, designing strategies that are respectful of our planet and financially sound. At the community level, women often spearhead environmental movements, seeding transformative change from the grassroots. Here are some examples!

  • Geeta Aiyer, founder and president of Boston Common Asset Manager, was one of 30 financial institution leaders to declare plans to eliminate “agricultural commodity-driving deforestation” from its portfolio by 2025. Furthermore, Aiyer is also the founder of the nonprofit Direct Action for Women Now Worldwide 
  • Ashley Allen, the Chief Sustainability Officer of Oatly, has spent most of her impressive career working on climate strategies within the public sector. Allen is shaping a series of commitments within the dairy alternative company Oatly, including reducing water usage and supporting regenerative agricultural initiatives. 

While the above are just a couple of examples of women helping to shape a more sustainable future, there are thousands of others contributing to a greener future as well. The unwavering endeavors of these women are a living testament to the fact that a sustainable future is not just a dream but a reachable reality. 

As such, women are not just participants in the sustainability movement – they are the visionaries shaping it.

Ways to Incorporate Sustainability Into International Women’s Day 

Embracing sustainability in your International Women's Day celebrations provides a unique opportunity to spotlight women's role in environmental stewardship. 

One effective strategy to achieve this is by championing women-led enterprises committed to eco-friendly practices. Here’s a closer look at some tactics!

  • Consider buying from businesses emphasizing zero-waste production and green manufacturing or contribute positively to their local economies.  
  • Use your voice to educate others about the indispensable role women play in the sustainability movement. This can be achieved through various platforms such as social media, community gatherings, or even through educational initiatives. 
  • Pledge to support women-centric organizations that promote environmental conservation. 
  • Join your neighborhood's green initiative and actively participate in their efforts. 
  • Incorporate sustainable practices into your daily routine, be it choosing zero-waste products or reducing energy consumption.
  • Make the switch to sustainable clothing, giving your wardrobe a green overhaul and encouraging others to do the same. 
Remember, each action, no matter how minor it may seem, contributes significantly to the greater sustainability cause. Here at Not Labeled, we are proud to be a part of the movement towards a more sustainable future, and we hope that you will join us.

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