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March Is Women's History Month! Celebrate Sustainably with These 5 Tips

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Fashion lovers are increasingly becoming aware of their impact on the world. As a result, many are choosing to explore their style responsibly and sustainably. This women’s history month, you can celebrate eco-friendliness and sustainability with every piece of garment–here’s how.

3 Ways to Celebrate Women’s Sustainable Fashion

There are multiple ways to celebrate women’s sustainable fashion this month and year-round. Here are three ways to positively impact the environment while still honoring your unique love for fashion.

1. Support an Eco-Friendly Fashion Brand

One of the best ways to express your support for sustainability is by supporting eco-friendly brands. This means researching to ensure that you support an ethical and truly sustainable business using eco-friendly materials.

At Not Labeled, we prioritize sustainable materials that are ethically sourced and made. By choosing us as your go-to sustainable fashion brand, you’re supporting eco-friendly fashion.

2. Responsibly Expand Your Closet and Style

Fast fashion may be tempting for those looking to expand their closet quickly. But, in truth, it’s better to opt for a mindful approach.

The benefit of this is the investment you make in timeless, one-of-a-kind fashion pieces that can withstand changing trends and seasons. You can also implement responsible expansion responsibilities like:

  • Thrift shopping for unique items.
  • Only purchase new clothing items when you’re ready to replace one.

3. Style Sustainable Clothes

Sustainable fashion can be just as versatile and experimental as mainstream fashion. So, celebrate sustainability by mixing and matching your favorite eco-friendly pieces. You can also elevate your look by incorporating unique accessories for fun layering.

Remember, showcasing your unique taste in eco-friendly fashion will help encourage those around you to participate in more responsible fashion choices. When choosing an eco-friendly style, you’re positively impacting the planet and those around you.

2 More Ways to Celebrate Women Sustainably

Part of celebrating Women’s History Month is taking time to focus on self-care and embracing moments of luxurious comfort. Even this can be elevated responsibly and sustainably. Here’s how.

1. Elevate a Good Night’s Sleep Responsibly

One of the best ways to upgrade comfort is with luxuriously soft pajamas. Made with bamboo viscose, Not Labeled’s ethically sourced pajamas are the perfect choice for responsibly elevating a good night’s rest. With our pajamas, you can sleep easy knowing you're positively impacting our planet.

2. Experience Luxurious Comfort Sustainably

Pajamas aren’t the only way to experience an elevated spa-like night. With ethically made bed sheets and towel sets, you can trust that every part of your self-care is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Remember, you can indulge in self-care and elevated comfort while being mindful. Celebrate the resilience and achievements of women, both past and present, with eco-friendly investments and style.

Elevate Your Style Responsibly with Not Labeled

Looking to responsibly elevate your style with an eco-friendly brand? At Not Labeled, we’re dedicated to providing eco-conscious fashion lovers with sustainable and ethically sourced clothes. Express yourself, invest uniquely, and leave a positive impact when you shop our women's and men's collections.

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