Soft, luxurious, and the perfect wrap-up to bathing. With our lavish bath towels, you can elevate your bath time to a spa-like experience and add style to your home.

Why Our Eco-Friendly Towels are the Best Bath Towels

Why choose Not Labeled’s bath towels? Ethically made, sustainable, and eco-friendly, our towels are simply the best bath towels you could have!

They’re Ethically Made

Made in safe working conditions with respect to basic human and environmental rights, our towels are the epitome of ethically made. For the eco-conscious home lover who buys with purpose, our towels are the best choice available.

They’re Sustainable Quality

Purchasing our towels is about more than an experience; it’s a consciously responsible investment in our planet. Made with bamboo fabric that’s soft to the touch, our towels are sustainable and eco-friendly!

Our fabric is also free from harmful chemicals to ensure a gentle touch for those with sensitive skin. 

Experience Luxury With Our Bamboo Towels

With fabric that feels buttery smooth, our bamboo towels are the perfect way to elevate your bath time into a lavish spa-like experience. These are truly the best towels to pamper yourself!

Available in multiple colors or with a simple design, our towels are also the perfect way to bring style, lavishness, and luxury to your home. Impress guests with a spa-like experience that will keep them comfortable and relaxed. Relax, feel lavish, and experience high-quality comfort!

Bring Sustainability into Your Home and Closet

At Not Labeled, our towels and bedding aren’t the only items that are ethically made. Our womens and mens apparel collections are also sustainable!

With us, consciously responsible homeowners can expand their style to include eco-friendly apparel that’s minimalistic and unique in design! Expand your horizons, elevate your style, and bring sustainability to both your home and closet.