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Spring into Style with 6 Eco Friendly Tips

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Eco friendly clothing is on the rise as the solution to harmful and unethical practices. Yet, as seasons change, some fashion lovers may struggle to elevate their spring looks responsibly. So, here are four tips on springing into style sustainably and picking an eco-friendly clothing brand.

4 Ways to Incorporate Eco-Friendly Clothes

Spring is the perfect season to refresh your wardrobe with eco-friendly clothes that look and feel good. Here are three ways to incorporate sustainable fashion into your closet.

1. Wear Bamboo Pajamas to Bed

Bamboo pajamas are a sustainable and eco-friendly substitute for the lavish sets you usually buy in stores. Not only are these pajamas silky soft, but they’re breathable as well, making for a good night’s sleep.

2. Elevate Your Workout with Eco-Friendly Athleisure Wear

Eco-friendly athleisure wear is durable, flexible, and breathable. That makes them the perfect addition to your closet for workouts, walks, and other physical activities. Overall, sustainable athleisure wear makes you feel less restricted and supported for a day’s work.

3. Get Cozy with Ultra Soft Sweaters and Hoodies

The weather may be getting warmer, but sweaters and hoodies are still a must for days when you want to be cozy. With sustainable fabric, you feel the comfort of an ultra-soft sweater or hoodie. Embrace an elevated ease without compromising your eco-conscious values.

Spring is the perfect time to elevate your style, and you can do so responsibly with eco-friendly clothes that fuse your love for fashion and the planet.

How to Pick Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands

When it comes to incorporating sustainable fashion into your style, one of the most important steps is finding an eco-friendly clothing brand. Choosing a brand dedicated to the fusion of style and sustainability is important. So, here’s how to pick the best brand for you.

1. Look for Transparency

It’s important to choose a brand that’s transparent when it comes to crafting clothes and resourcing material. Reputable brands, like Not Labeled, are open about the production process and how materials are sourced.

This is to show our environmental commitment and to ensure that eco-conscious fashion lovers know every detail of how their favorite clothing items are made.

2. Pay Attention to Material

Some materials are more eco-friendly than others. Not Labeled’s bamboo fabric, for example, is a resource that can grow back quickly and, therefore, be replaced. This reduces our impact on the planet and minimizes our ecological footprint.

When it comes to sustainable fashion, being picky about the material is required for a fully conscious commitment to the planet.

3. Consider Long-Lasting Commitment

Lastly, picking a clothing brand with a long-lasting commitment to the planet is vital. Just as your commitment to the environment is lifelong, you want to ensure theirs is, too.

Not Labeled commits to sustainability, and the planet is the foundation of our work. So you can trust that the work we do to provide you with eco-friendly clothing is genuine and lifelong.

Remember that sustainable fashion is about more than the clothes in your closet. It’s also about the brands you support. Therefore, be conscientious about where you shop just as much as the clothing items you buy.

Rejuvenate Your Style Responsibly with Not Labeled

Looking for a clothing brand to help rejuvenate your spring style responsibly? At Not Labeled, our ethically sourced and sustainably made women's and men's collections are the perfect additions to any eco-conscious fashion lover’s closet. Shop our storefront today to get started.

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