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Why Bamboo Clothing is the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

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With the holidays coming up, everyone is searching for the perfect gifts for their loved ones. It can be hard to know exactly what to get everyone, especially when it comes to clothing. After all, everyone likes different styles and fabrics, and normal department stores tend to be pretty limited. This is where it can be a good idea to branch out into clothing styles that aren’t typically found in stores, like bamboo clothes. 

Bamboo clothes can be an incredible gift for people who love a blend of style and comfort. Keep reading to learn more about bamboo clothes and why they are perfect for the holiday season. 

What is Bamboo Clothing?

When most people think of bamboo, they probably don’t think of it as a clothing material. However, it is one of the most sustainable fabric materials out there. This fabric is typically made of a blend of cotton, polyester, or recycled materials, along with bamboo viscose fibers. 

Overall, this material offers a superior softness over traditional clothing materials and has numerous benefits to it. 

Bamboo Clothes are Breathable and Moisture-Wicking

If you have a workout or sports fanatic loved one, they will love bamboo workout clothes. The bamboo fiber makes this type of workout gear incredibly breathable to keep the wearer cool throughout the day, no matter what they do. 

Even better, it offers excellent moisture-wicking properties over other materials as well, to keep the wearer as dry as possible during workouts or even hanging out at home. 

The Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties of Bamboo T-Shirts

Unfortunately, most synthetic materials don’t deal very well with body odor over time. After being worn multiple times, they can begin to smell and feel less pleasant. 

Bamboo t-shirts are much more resilient to this issue, as they have natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. This means that they will remain nice and fresh for much longer, even after multiple washes. 

Ditch the Irritation and Itchiness of Synthetics 

Many synthetic materials can be difficult for those with allergies or sensitive skin. They can cause irritation, be incredibly itchy, or even cause rashes for some people. 

Bamboo clothes, on the other hand, are naturally hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin, making them perfect for any type of weather. 

The Fastest Growing Plant on Earth

For those with a concern for sustainability, bamboo is the perfect clothing. Bamboo is actually the fastest-growing plant on earth, according to Guinness World Records. Even better, bamboo plants can be used multiple times, as harvesting it does not kill the plant. 

Bamboo is also incredible for the planet, as it produces 30% more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than other types of trees. 

Check Out Not Labeled’s Collection of Bamboo Clothing

The above makes it pretty clear why bamboo is such an incredible material for clothing, and it can still be incredibly stylish. To see some great options, check out Not Labeled’s full line of bamboo clothing, bedding, and bath towels in our store.

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