Affiliate Policy


  • Follow the SNS social network promotion specifications. It is not allowed to use the official account of NOTLABELED, and it is not allowed to use related gifts named with NOTLABELED (except for those authorized separately).
  • It is not allowed to use false promotional advertisements other than NOTLABELED. Such as, exaggerate discounts, false copywriting and so on. Please pay attention to the change of discounts on our sites and modify your promotional copywriting immediately. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the loss.

Brand bidding/Abnormal traffic:

  • Any paid advertising requiring the addition of keywords (including contextual and targeted) prohibits the use of the NOTLABELED trademark name. It is also forbidden to use the NAP brand name as a keyword in combination with another word: NOTLABELED to buy, NOTLABELED news, a review on NOTLABELED, NOTLABELED website and any other similar options. It is also not permitted to use the advertiser’s company name in his link, heading or advertising text of the advertisement.
  • Abnormal traffic: We don’t allow publishers to buy lots of spam traffic to pull down our conversion rate. We don’t allow publishers to use fraudulent ways to increase sales.


  • In irregularities of article above, we will inform you to remove illegal account immediately. If you repeatedly violate the rules, the commission you have generated won’t be paid, and our partnership will end.
  • In irregularities of Abnormal traffic above, we will inform your remove spam traffic and optimize your traffic as soon possible, or we will stop collaboration with you. For using fraudulent ways to increase sales amount, we won’t pay any commission and stop collaboration with you immediately. NOTLABELED reserves all rights for final interpretation for this policy.