Production Facilities

Bringing Nature’s Bounty Home

NOTLABELED only works with ethical and socially responsible factories. All independent facilities we work with have a Global Recycle Sustainability Certificate. We also own a sewing and cutting plant. The process to bring you bamboo fashion has a few steps, and we want you to know the precautions we take.

After we carefully harvest the bamboo from mountains in Sichuan, we get ready to transport it. The sourced bamboo then goes to a sustainable pulping plant in Northern China. There, the bamboo undergoes a process and is transformed into dried pulp.

Then, the dried bamboo pulp heads to a sustainable fiber production facility. There, the fibers get spun into bamboo yarn then weaved into soft fabrics. After fiber production, the bamboo fabrics are transported to garment factories. Workers then cut and sew the bamboo fabric into beautiful designs. During the entire production process, we do not use any chemicals or spray treatments.

The Port of Shanghai is the busiest port in the world and the largest in China. The mega-city sees high volumes of traffic and handles over 25% of China’s international trade. Shanghai’s port has been a world leader since 2010. From there, our sustainable bamboo fashion makes its way to New York City. Despite being produced overseas, NOTLABELED’s clothing and linens smell fresh. We do not chemically treat any of our garments. You’ll receive long-lasting designs made with natural and organic bamboo.

Previously, the textile industry engaged in heavy use of coal. The plants now use natural gas and have been evolving into solar power. 5G technology has also advanced the process of manufacturing bamboo fashion. NOTLABELED and our partners implement sustainable practices and use recycled materials. Our strong focus on sustainability benefits everyone and the environment. We take steps to lower costs and reinforce the integrity of the global supply chain.