Sustainable Fabric

It Begins WithI Bamboo

NOTLABELED has always focused on sustainability and shifted our attention to bamboo. This quickly regenerating plant is less intrusive on the land. Bamboo does not compete with cotton fields and can grow without water. Also, no pesticides or chemicals are used to harvest and source bamboo.

Harvesting The Bamboo

NOTLABELED has a team of hard-working employees who cut bamboo from the mountains. We get our bamboo from the most mountainous province of China, Sichuan. In one day, bamboo can grow 15”. We then transport the carefully cut bamboo to our sustainable production plant.

The Production Process NOTLABELED Uses

The harvested bamboo gets squeezed into pulp at our factory. Then our employees transform the pulp into sustainable fibers. The fiber then gets sustainably spun into bamboo yarn and weaved into fabric. The next step is cutting and sewing the luxurious bamboo fabric. Finally, our sewists make notlabeled’s visionary designs into sustainable garments.

NOTLABELED Will Use More Sustainable Fabrics

Our eco-conscious fashion brand takes sustainable fabrics to create ethical clothing. NOTLABELED will keep introducing new designs at reasonable prices for our customers. We have a customer-focused team that works to enhance your lifestyle. Every piece of environmentally friendly fashion uses sustainable fabrics. We deliver not only high quality but also affordability.