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How Not Labeled Makes Eco Friendly Clothing

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With the current economic conditions, everyone wants to find high-quality clothing for reasonable, affordable prices. Not Labeled strives to be one of the most cost-effective, eco friendly clothing brands. Their ethically sourced material creates apparel that lasts for years to come. Here’s how! 

Remaining an Eco-Friendly, Ethical Brand

From design to production, Not Labeled remains eco-friendly and ethical throughout all processes. With guaranteed value and quality, their sustainable fashion weaves Eastern and Western styles seamlessly. Not to mention, they have a passionate fashion designer, Asuka.

Asuka has worked in Japan and New York City, integrating three-dimensional features into eco-friendly clothing while maintaining the fabric’s integrity. Moreover, she converts natural wood carving patterns into digital imprints for all the clothing she designs. Meaning, she considers environmental elements when creating her masterpieces. 

When crafting a style, she prioritizes designing something that will last and be loved for many years. She calls her design approach a “sustainable expression approach.”

Simple Fashion For Every Activity 

Not Labeled uses unique and high-quality materials when creating environmentally friendly clothing. Those that shop at Not Labeled will feel comfortable in any setting, especially because they make clothing for any occasion. From luxury evening wear to activewear and sleepwear, each piece is made sustainably.

Moreover, their clothing remains high-end, luxe, and soft with simple yet versatile designs. Their range of products is guaranteed to suit your life and living space. Ultimately, they’re committed to helping people shift to a more sustainable lifestyle, from their clothing to their homeware. 

Shop Not Labeled For Eco Friendly, Luxe Apparel

Not Labeled offers fair, affordable prices so that more people have access to clothes that will improve the well-being of the planet. Ready to embrace minimalism, reduce your carbon footprint, and simplify your wardrobe by owning fewer high-quality items? Start shopping the collection today — there’s free shipping throughout the entire United States!

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