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Why Sustainable Clothing Brands are Typically More Expensive

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Sustainable clothing is for everyone, yet not everyone can afford it. Though expensive, eco-friendly everyday wear is considered a high-quality investment. This is because the clothes are intricately designed, well-made, and long-lasting. Meaning, sustainable clothing is more affordable in the long run because they are durable and able to withstand the test of time. Let’s take a closer look at the pricing of sustainable fashion!

Ethical Practices From Beginning to End

​​Slow fashion indicates taking time to produce clothing rather than moving at a quick and careless rate. The first step of slow fashion production is to source the materials responsibly, which is inherently a longer process. On the other hand, fast fashion goes through production much more haphazardly. 

A sustainable production process is high-quality and does not go through rapid and mass production. Instead, the focus is on premium fabrics in fewer quantities. Yet, this means that the production process is much longer. Thus, a lengthier time frame increases production costs.

Moreover, sustainable brands tend to pay higher wages to their employees, along with having state-of-the-art technology in their warehouses. This varies greatly from fast fashion facilities that use coal for energy instead of natural gas, cutting corners on costs and therefore causing tremendous pollution.

A People-Oriented Production Process

It’s no surprise that sustainable clothing brands pay workers much more than fast fashion industry brands. The production process remains a people-friendly one. This is because the apparel is not made in “sweatshops” under terrible working conditions. 

Contrarily, ethical fashion brands treat their employees with respect and dignity. The factory environment is clean, and the wages are fair. Sustainable facilities also use ventilation systems and refrain from using toxic chemicals or dyes. Sweatshops, on the other hand, create harmful conditions that negatively impact the health of employees. 

Not Labeled owners a state-of-the-art sewing and cutting plant. They only partner with certified sustainable facilities to make their fashion. All fabrics, materials, and production processes prioritize people and the planet. For example, they ensure that all workers make enough to support their families and take pride in what they do. 

What this means for pricing, though, is that a higher price is necessary in order to prioritize the well-being of workers and the environment. 

Premium Fabrics and Materials

Lower-quality materials are cheap and produced haphazardly. Unlike fast fashion, environmentally friendly clothing lasts much longer. Therefore, switching to a sustainable lifestyle costs consumers money but pays off in the end. This is because purchasing ethically responsible clothing is an investment in an item that will last.

Part of the pricing is because sustainable fashion brands incur additional expenses – adopting eco-conscious production processes does not come cheap. High-quality fabrics and materials raise the price of clothing. 

Not Labeled, Your Trusted Affordable Sustainable Clothing Brand

Consumers seek out sustainable clothing brands for different reasons. The desire to switch to a more eco-conscious lifestyle is common. However, finding affordable everyday wear can be challenging. That’s where Not Labeled comes in! 

They offer their customers cost-effective wardrobe and home linen options. They create simple, stylish designs using durable, high-quality fabrics and materials. Offering affordable clothing is essential to Not Labeled because they know that being able to access sustainable clothing allows customers to change their lifestyles.

There’s free shipping throughout the United States. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping the collection today.

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